Wednesday, July 07, 2021

turkey wattles

I still have a double chin, and I'm still fat, so give me another 50 pounds (22.7 kg) before we can talk about true Alton Brown-style thinness. However, my face has thinned out some, and the double chin is much reduced—to the point where I seem to have developed something like turkey wattles (you know: old-people's neck). I guess it had to happen sometime, and the issue of loose skin is only going to get worse as I lose more around my chest and my waist. I'm not looking forward to flappy, floppy tits, but they're coming. Apparently, even for us old folks, the skin can tighten up some over time, but I'm not expecting any miracles. A new, saggier Kevin is on the way, so be prepared for the horror.

I have to suck my chin in for you to see the wattles, but they're forming.