Saturday, July 17, 2021

it's like Christmas

I went a bit nuts while at the B&C Market today. I had only wanted to buy bread pans, but then I began thinking about other kitchen stuff I needed, so I also ended up buying whatever popped into my head. Those B&C items are all on the left: loaf pans, utensils, thermometers (2 kinds), a small scoop for dough, and bottles for chia pudding (which looks like ass).

An iHerb delivery also arrived today, and that's what you see on the right. There's a huge bag of whey protein, some tapioca flour,* pork-rind panko, more flaxseed meal (I'm running low), and a resupply of vital wheat gluten. I think that, tomorrow, I'm going to experiment with several different recipes for keto pasta. It's about time I broke out the new pasta maker, anyway. It came months ago, and I haven't used it yet.

Is this what retail therapy feels like?


*Probably a mistake. It's 11/12 (92%) carbs, according to the nutrition label (serving size: 12 g; total carbs: 11 g). I bought it because I saw a super-simple recipe for what I thought would be keto-friendly pasta... turns out it's more for paleo people, hence the liberal use of the starch (although, technically, paleo dieters are supposed to avoid processed foods) and the good-looking pasta that results. You mix the tapioca with almond flour, but even almond flour is somewhat carby at 6 grams of carbs per quarter cup. If you're limiting yourself to 20 g of carbs per day, then you're condemning yourself to eating a very tiny amount of this pasta. Another guy has a pasta recipe that's almond flour plus eggs, psyllium husk, and xanthan gum—far less carby, but the pasta is a bit weird-looking when you boil it.

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