Friday, July 16, 2021

more vindication

As I was walking through the B1 level of my apartment building, where there are plenty of little restaurants, one of the restaurant ladies saw me and did a double-take.

"Are you dieting?" she asked.

I didn't understand her at first. "I'm sorry?" I said.

"Dieting. Are you dieting?" she asked again, and I understood her this time. I nodded yes but, like last time, I didn't explain things any further than that.

"You look as if you've lost a lot of weight," she said, and I thanked her.

Seems to me the ladies pay more attention than the men do.


Charles said...

In my experience, women are generally more sensitive to such things than men are.

Kevin Kim said...

I can't believe that any woman has ever looked at you and said, "You've gained/lost weight."