Thursday, July 08, 2021

final prep

I have some bacon to fry up for tomorrow's burgers, and I have to buy some lettuce and tomatoes (I already have an extra onion begging to be killed... and it will be) that need to be sliced up and containerized. Otherwise, that's about it. I took a pile of stuff to work this morning, mainly condiments, chili, and a frying pan, so as to make tomorrow's load a little lighter. Once I'm in the office with everything tomorrow, I'll slice the bread, break out the frying pan, reheat the burgers, fry up the dogs, dump the chili into my Japanese clay pot and microwave it, then set up all the trimmings and condiments—maybe not in that order. I might need to buy some potato chips or something since I have no sides. Should I bring shredded cheese for those who want chili dogs? I have some in my freezer, so yeah.

As I mentioned earlier, I'll be violating my calorie limit for the second time this week, so I'm thinking I should just write this week off. That's why I budgeted extra time for the diet:  ten weeks instead of eight. And in his book about the diet, Dr. Taylor anticipates people falling off the wagon: just extend the diet to make up for lost time.

I'll be happy to finish the diet, for sure. I still generally lack energy, although I'm getting better at things like climbing stairs (up to the 10th floor, now, from B1). I can sense that this is strengthening my heart and lungs, and I hope it's also acting as a low-grade HIIT (in truth, it's not HIIT as there are no intervals, but climbing the stairs does get my heart racing and my body sweating). That said, I'd like to have my energy back. I also keep reading about how restrictive eating shouldn't be about counting calories so much as about eating healthily and in reasonable amounts. (Remember the war between CICO and CIM. The Newcastle Diet is firmly in the CICO camp while most advocates of Atkins, keto, carnivore, etc., are in the CIM camp.) Just the thought of being able to eat more is enough to make me salivate sometimes. But the reality of eating more is weeks away.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'm being a bad boy and having a burger and a chili dog on heavy keto bread. My coworkers, meanwhile, will enjoy the fruits of Charles's labor and have normal bread. I hope it goes well. God help me if there are leftovers.


Charles said...

"Low-grade HIIT." Heh.

Hope all goes well with the feast and there are no leftovers.

Daniel said...

Enjoy the cheat week and congrats on making it up 11 flights of stairs!

Kevin Kim said...

Thanks, although for what it's worth, from B1 to 10 is just ten floors. Not to worry: I do ten floors for three weeks, then ratchet up to 14 (I live on the 14th floor) in late July.

John Mac said...

I'm sure all that hard work will pay off in a memorable lunch with the crew.

And take it from me, sometimes it's good to be bad!

Charles said...

I hope there is some sort of air circulation in those stairs.

Kevin Kim said...

The air in the staircase is sometimes moving if some of the windows are open. Otherwise, it's just a huge column of unmoving air.