Wednesday, July 21, 2021

the Hantan River

I'd never even heard of the Hantan River, but my buddy JW has proposed that we walk along part of it this coming weekend. I went to Google to see what the riverside might be like, and it looks nice—more of a pure walking trail than a bike trail—so I told JW I'd be curious to try a segment. JW's planning our day, which could turn out to be a shit-show since he sucks as a planner, but I don't care. I'll just go along with whatever he plans. 

The river is fairly long and narrow, and much of it seems to be close to the DMZ, so we'll be up north. I saw that, at one point, the river features a huge footbridge that spans it. That looks neat. It's called the 하늘 다리, or Sky Bridge. I wonder if JW knows about it. (Actually, I see that there are several bridges.) Maybe we should make a project of walking the entire river, from wherever it starts to wherever it ends. Not a bad way to spend future Saturdays.

I suspect that what's going to happen is this: we'll drive to a site in his car, pick a direction, walk the riverside trail for 2.5 hours, then walk back to his car. Saturday is going to be super-hot, though, so I've warned JW that I'd rather start walking in the late afternoon and be done by evening or nightfall. I'm envisioning 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m., about 25 kilometers. I suspect JW has a very different idea that I'm not going to like, but I'll grin and bear it.

One way or another, it looks to be an interesting weekend.


John Mac said...

My first thought on your starting late idea is that you better make sure the trail has lighting. Way out in the rural countryside up north that may not be the case. Otherwise, it sounds great. Always nice to see something new.

Charles said...

Wow. Your dedication to walking is quite impressive. No way I would do 25k in this heat.

Make sure to stay hydrated. You may want to have a water tanker following you.

Kevin Kim said...


There's so much light pollution in this country that it's never completely dark, so I'm not worried about lack of light.


I'll be bringing plenty of water.