Wednesday, July 28, 2021

David Goggins, the beast

David Goggins is an absolute beast of a man, a former Navy SEAL who preaches the gospel of physical fitness and the warrior mindset for daily living. Some see him as an inspiration; others, perhaps terrified of him, fear and hate his mindset. I recently watched a video in which Goggins explained that he lost 106 pounds (about 48 kg) in three months. He didn't do keto, and he didn't do moderate distance walking. No: this man, starting at around 300 pounds, wanted to join the SEALs so badly that he would minimize his daily caloric intake ("a banana every morning") while doing an insane number of reps of exercises that he knew he could do. He also ran like the dickens every day. The training was extremely intense, but the man had focus. And thus it was that, in three months, Goggins dropped 106 pounds, taking him to about 194 pounds, in the space of only three months. He went on to become a Navy SEAL.

Now, I've lost 50 pounds in two months, and while I'm fairly proud of that achievement, I won't be coming anywhere close to Goggins's three-month achievement, and I'm not going to end up anywhere near as muscular as he is. But I respect and admire his accomplishment, which serves as an inspiration for those of us trying to get down from stratospheric weight to something more reasonable. If I get light enough, maybe I'll take up jogging again, although I think my poor knees might have something to say about that. I have a bike, but I'm worried about balance issues, so if I do get on the bike, it'll be halting and tentative at first. More on that if it happens. In the meantime, I'll just chug along, doing what I'm doing.

Watch Will Tennyson attempt David Goggins's workout:

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