Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Pepple on BLM

Dr. Pepple has choice words about BLM. Read here. An excerpt:

Some BLM group in Dallas (called Dallas Justice Now) sent a message to whites living in a wealthy part of that area telling them not to send their kids to elite schools. Heh. This is so perfect I can’t help but think it is really from some [white-supremacist] group or a [white-supremacist] infiltrator. This is because[,] so far[,] the BLM activities have not really impacted elite whites very much. Sure, they have to pretend that George Floyd’s death really matters, that Derek Chauvin wasn’t railroaded, that statues being pulled down don’t really matter, and that crazy and hateful ideas being taught in our schools will have no effect, but that doesn’t seem to bother them. What mattered was getting Trump out of office and oppressing the deplorables. But not being allowed to have their children go to elite schools when they have been planning for this right from the time their child was born? Uh-oh. How does that hurt the Trump supporters?

Well, BLM did say they wanted to burn down everything. Maybe the elites didn’t take this seriously, but a cynical observer (like me) heard that pronouncement and immediately began thinking of things they were not going to burn down. Basketball arenas? No way. The welfare office? No way. Elite schools? No way. But it seems that even though elite schools won’t be burned down literally, they will be burned down figuratively. They will be taken over by those who resent the wealthy whites who send their kids there, even if those whites are Democrats.

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