Tuesday, July 20, 2021


I'm going to try to make keto soba tonight, to be eaten tomorrow. Apparently, I can make an entire batch of keto noodles for only 500-some calories. Add the dipping sauce and the Korean version of furikake (which often goes by a brand name like bap-chingu 밥 친구 or bap-irang 밥이랑—"rice friend" or "with rice"*), and the entire dish is just beyond 600 calories, which means I can still enjoy my double-size chocolate shake in the morning and be only a little bit beyond 800 calories after eating four servings of keto noodles. That's great because I actually have only three servings of Keto King noodles left. I'll be under my 800-calorie limit for once. It does mean I won't be getting any vegetables beyond a little seaweed, though.

To make the dipping sauce for the faux soba (fauxba?), I need to make a dashi first, to which I'll add a bit of ginger, mirin, and either tamari or liquid aminos in place of soy sauce. (I wonder if those are available on Coupang, or will I have to go with iHerb?) The dish ought to be fairly simple. Alas, I couldn't find bonito flakes at the grocery where I work, so I simply bought some dried pollock. Purists will scream, of course, but I'm just making do, and I can't be arsed to visit the SSG Food Mart to buy the real thing (same goes for the furikake).

Tonight, then, we embark upon the Great Keto Soba Experiment.


*I'm aware that furikake and bap-chingu are not the same thing in terms of ingredients. But think about the context in which they're both used: they're both most often sprinkled on rice, and sometimes other carbs like noodles. They also don't taste that different.

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