Wednesday, July 21, 2021

I am now without my credit card

I discovered a weird charge for $7.08 on my Chase Amazon card, dated yesterday. I have no idea where that charge came from, and I think it might be fraudulent, so I just finished talking with Chase customer service about the problem. Upshot: they've deactivated my current card and will be sending me a new card, set to arrive chez moi in 7-12 business days. Once I get the new card, I have to call a special number and activate it, and I'll have to update every service I use that uses that card. That includes Amazon and CubeSmart, the public-storage facility where I'm keeping all my Stateside stuff. 

CubeSmart may be a problem. If the Chase card doesn't arrive before the 6th of August, I'll be unable to pay CubeSmart my monthly fee, which means I might incur a penalty. August 6th is the 12th day of the 7-12-day window the representative mentioned during our conversation. I suppose that, if the card does arrive on the 6th, I might still have time to activate my new card and update my CubeSmart account because Seoul is 14 hours ahead of DC. But I'll be cutting it really close, so let's hope the new credit card arrives well before August 6th.

Just what I need, right? Another thing to worry about.


John Mac said...

No point in worrying, it is beyond your control anyway. You might consider acquiring a backup card. I use my Chase card for shopping here and have a card from my bank that I keep for emergencies. Haven't had to use it yet, but it is peace of mind in a drawer so to speak.

That fraudulent charge is weird--who goes to the trouble to rip you off for seven bucks? It is concerning though that someone was able to acquire the information needed to do so. Chase notifies me whenever a purchase exceeds $300. Several years ago I got a message about buying $900. worth of clothes in London. Nope, wasn't me! Charges reversed and got a new card. I'm surprised this kind of fraud doesn't happen more often, hacking being what it is.

Kevin Kim said...

My buddy Tom thinks I should get a Korean credit card. If I get one, it'll be the Hyundai card that is accepted by Costco.