Tuesday, July 27, 2021

made it

Fourteen floors seemed a bit daunting at first; not sure why, but I made it despite the daunt. Back in healthier days, a few years ago, I was able to climb the entire staircase from B1 to 26 three times. I'm now trying to get back to that level. Anyway, today was the first day of the next ratcheting-up, and I'll be climbing up to the 14th floor over the next three weeks. After that, the goal is the 20th floor, then the 26th. A full staircase. After three weeks at that level, it's a big jump to 1.5 staircases, and there I'll be when it comes time for my hospital appointment on September 16. The timing of the appointment couldn't be better: I go on my long walk later that same month, and the walk will take me to about mid- or late October. Meanwhile, I just need to take things one floor at a time.

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