Friday, April 01, 2005

as we near the milestone

The number 100,000 is fast approaching on my SiteMeter. I'm still looking for suggestions on how to celebrate. HK's suggestion of a Namsan "virtual hike" is a good one; I'll do that for you. I also want to do the link buffet; if you want to suggest one or more of your favorite BigHo posts from the past, I'll stick it in the list. The "Sacred and Profane" listing at the bottom of my sidebar is already a link buffet of sorts, but it expresses my own preferences, not yours. Crawl through my archives* and find stuff you enjoy, then email me or leave a comment.

And if you want something more than a virtual hike and link buffet, I'm open to suggestions. But make it quick: at this rate, we'll arrive at the goal in only a couple days.

*You might want to use Mozilla Firefox for problem-free browsing. Many people have complained about how the Microsoft IE browser won't allow them to scroll down past my SiteMeter, which means you can't see an entire month's worth of posts while plowing through my archives. This probably isn't a problem for those with the latest OS and the latest IE browser, but it's a problem for many others. Download Mozilla. Make some geeks happy.


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