Friday, April 15, 2005

Black Day is over

It's 1AM, and Black Day is over.

In East Asia, it works like this: on February 14, there's Valentine's Day. The girls do stuff for the guys. On March 14, it's White Day. The guys return the favor. On April 14, it's Black Day, the day for single losers like me. We're supposed to eat jjajang-myeon, the Chinese noodles in black bean sauce, to "celebrate" our loneliness. As happened last year, I once again failed to eat the noodles. Instead, I did a late-evening hike up Namsan. At the top, I got to see some dudes on bikes doing stunts on the stairs up to the pavilion.

It's been cool the past few days. I'm enjoying it to the fullest, because soon we enter the Time of Sweat, which sucks for blobs like me. Korea isn't a good country for fat people: everyone's thinner than you, and the weather itself is telling you to get the fuck outta Dodge. I sweat in the winter; you can imagine how much I unload in the summer. Large trucks jam fire hoses up my ass and hydrate me twice a day. It ain't pretty.

Anyway, Black Day is over. All we can do is tighten the belt, keep up the exercise regime, and look forward.


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