Monday, April 18, 2005


Damn, that took over seven hours.

I just finished proofreading a 22-page single-spaced document, a long paper on feminism's academic impact by a prof at Ehwa University. Hope she enjoys my minor corrections; the paper was already well-written, but I had to root around a bit, plucking out and putting in articles, tweaking the style here and there... and then there was the monster bibliography, which arrived in a severely mutated state and needed extensive cosmetic surgery.

Nuts. And I wanted to hit Namsan tonight. Fuck, and I'm behind on my other work now.

At least I'm gonna be a bit richer. And a bit fatter for not having exercised.

Before I go: a quick shout-out to Dr. Hodges (a.k.a. Jeff), whom I had the great pleasure of meeting today for lunch. Yes, ladies, he does indeed wear an interesting cap.


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