Thursday, April 28, 2005

evil adipose returns to the
Land of the Morning Calm

I did manage to meet up with the infamous Justin Yoshida at Osaka-Kansai International Airport after getting my spanking new visa. Justin's on his way to Thailand, where he'll be claiming all the Buddhist temples as Japanese cultural artifacts (this despite his not being a Japanese national).

Aside from meeting Justin, the most memorable thing about Wednesday was staring at a white woman's very shapely ass while at the Korean Consulate. She was wearing purple pants, and that was something of a downer because I started to think her ass was grape-flavored-- a gigantic, buttock-shaped Gummi treat.

But now I'm back in Seoul, dealing with a pile of spam in my Gmail trash folder*. This should be the last visa run for a year. I'm at a job that promises to treat me humanely, living in digs I find reasonable, and thoroughly enjoying the curricular leeway I've been given.

*NB: those of you who don't type "hairy chasms" in the subject field of your emails make it difficult for me to distinguish your mail from the trash... my tendency is to want to delete everything I see in the trash folder. Help me out, please, and follow the email policy in my sidebar. Muchas Jerry Garcias.


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