Friday, April 15, 2005

the Burger King red alert

Met my new tutoree, A, for the second time today. She's a nice girl, a couple years out of college, and looking for a job. Her mother's the one who paid my fee*.

Got a strange vibe from A today, though. She's got a boyfriend, as she told me up-front yesterday, but she made sure to let me know he's in the army right now. Hmmmm. She was also telegraphing some body language that made me prick up my ears-- some leaning in, some "accidental" brushing against me, some teasing eye contact. And being a man, I couldn't help noticing that she was equipped with certain... natural assets.

But the fact is that I'm not interested. She's young. Waaaaay young. Early twenties. She's got a boyfriend, and I can imagine how he'd feel to learn his gal had been nabbed by an older guy. An American, no less. Damn those Americans to fucking HELL! Plunder other cultures and spread their genes, that's all they ever do!

Gonna have to proceed with caution. I think she's going to be a very good student (seems very sincere about improving her speaking ability), but I don't want an otherwise enjoyable teacher-student dynamic to be corrupted by whatever she was telegraphing today. And yeah, part of what she was telegraphing involved telling me I was "handsome." Great for the recently-battered ego (untrue though the compliment be), but another red flag.

And let me ask you: would you want to start a relationship with someone who was cheating? If they're cheating on someone else, what's to stop them from cheating on you? Let me make it clear: I don't know this lady well at all, so I'm not going to claim that I can read her mind. Maybe she's just really friendly. I've been wrong plenty of times before about a woman's intentions, so let's hope I'm wrong this time, too. But if you'd been there, you might have thought I was right.

*The charitable among you can note with relief that A gave me the tutoring fee up-front, taking care of W400,000 of my plane ticket problem, and it looks as though Smoo will find some way to cough up the cash for me to cover the remaining W150,000-W200,000.


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