Monday, April 18, 2005

postal scrotum: China

In reference to my inexpert musings, Andy writes:

Hey Kevin,

Focusing on China for a minute....

Speaking of crap from the Commies in China, you wrote, "China's pissed off and demanding an apology of Japan." What the news in the US left off was the follow-up headline "The 10-Million Chinese killed by Cultural Revolution demand an apology". I'm told Chairman Mao couldn't be reached for comment.

Also being missed by everyone else, is the rallying point that China now has in Japan. Sure, the Chinese didn't like 'em before - but this latest round of protests is being condoned (read: encouraged and fanned) by the Commie Gov't. Just like the crappy leaders of the Middle East could take the heat off themselves by blaming the Evil Jews™, so too do the Commies in China™ blame the Evil Japs™. For a better look, check out the tank cartoon at Cox & Forkum (

You're spot on about the 'letting go of anger' thought. I was talking to a friend last week about the China protests, and he complained the Japanese wouldn't apologize. My stance is - the Japanese who didn't do it have nothing to apologize for. Prime Minister Koizumi hasn't attacked China. Most current Japanese citizens weren't alive during WWII - let alone made decisions in it.

As I said at the time, "But the bad guys in this scenario are dead. So are most all of the victims. We shouldn't forget the events, but telling a bunch of folks "Some people from your country who knew your grandparents did bad things" isn't going to help. Which doesn't make it right, but letting the Communist Chinese label other folks as 'bad' is worse than the pot calling the kettle black."

If a round of excuses is going to start, the Commies need to start with their 1960s extermination of their fellow Chinese WELL before we get to the WWII apologies. And the hell I'm apologizing for a few Spanish soldiers kicking ass in South America a few hundred years ago. I won't even apologize to bed-wetting Canadians when they whine, "Bush=Hitler". If someone has a problem with my country's leadership (past or present) take it up with them, I'm not the post office.


Thanks for the email, man. I'll respectfully express dissent over "bed-wetting Canadians," though, since they've got troops in Afghanistan who are putting their asses on the line along with American soldiers. I might not agree with certain Canadian geopolitical opinions, but my personal encounters with Canucks (which have included plenty of political discussions and disagreements) have all been reasonable, civil, and interesting.

Yeh, an' dey fock yew ahp, mon.

Aside from that, your other points are well taken.

UPDATE: Oh, dammit, lemme be more specific. I have nothing to say to anyone who resorts to the "Bush = Hitler" nonsense. None of the Canadians I know are silly enough to do that, so if we're talking about a certain subset of Canucks who're doing the same thing as a certain subset of leftist French folks, Americans, and others, then yeah, those fuckers are bed-wetters. And I don't say that because I'm a fan of Bush; I'm not. But it should be plainly obvious that such shrillness doesn't convince.

Yeah, yeah. Bush equals Hitler. Va te branler.


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