Tuesday, April 26, 2005

postal scrotum: Bush and North Korea

Andy writes:

Hi Kevin,

Congrats on the job. Sorry to hear about the married cutie. Cool beans about your mom's letter.

Re: Bush & NK. My thoughts:

On one hand, now seems like a good time to bring NK to the front of the world stage:
a) With Communist China wanting to be an adult in the world stage - and pissing about Japan - now is the time to put adolescent Communist China on the spot. Make Communist China prove adulthood by cleaning up a messy place in their hemisphere - not simply invading it.
b) The world pissed and moaned about intervention in Iraq, but today the Middle East is falling into line and is *worlds* better than the news will readily admit.

Reasons that *finally* confronting KJI could be bad:
a) No one cared about Mugabe's atrocities in Zimbabwe, so why should NK be any different? Which is a great question for folks to answer as a logic exercise.
b) The US can't take over NK by itself after Iraq - it's military is too tired, too thin (if Clinton hadn't decimated the armed forces: quite possible, but I digress).
c) The world is busy dealing with the usual other crap: Russia/USSR dissolution woes continue, the EU still needs fixing, and the Portland Trailblazers have a Korean basketball player but not even folks living in town know (or care) about this.


The Marmot's got a good post about the issue here.


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