Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday's triumph

I did it.

I walked the stairs of Namsan, and did it without stopping.

That was a pleasant surprise: I was sure I'd have to pause at some point. It seems the conditioning is paying off. (Now we have to focus on Uncle Kevin's diet-- things like soda, eating just before sleeping, snacking on junk food, cooking too much pasta and seafood sauce-- the usual.)

It was a much longer walk from Beot'igogae Station, about 70 minutes, which makes the Stairs Walk almost 30 minutes longer than the regular walk. I don't think I'll be doing this walk every day, due to time considerations. Maybe I'll save it for weekends.

But it was a fan-testicle-tastically gorgeous day for a walk-- a perfect "Kevin day": bright, windy, clear, cool. Everything was in bloom, the beautiful women were out in droves (most with boyfriends, dammit), and I was happy to be out and about. Way the hell too many tourists for my taste, but it was Saturday, so the crowds were par for the course.

Once I get set up in my new place next week, I need to start thinking about getting a pullup bar. When I lived in Switzerland, I was hiking every day, but also doing pullups, situps, and pushups, along with stretching and practicing half-remembered taekwondo kicks. Gotta get back into that.

But for the moment, I'm savoring my little victory over the mountain. All the way to the top without stopping once on the stairs, baby.


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