Saturday, April 09, 2005

foiled and befouled

As I said before, my new strategy is to get up much earlier-- at 7AM, to avoid all the shit that's going to happen as the renovators arrive around 9.

Today, Saturday, I oversleep a bit. I'm awakened by the sound of things being tossed out the second-story window and smashing on the ground outside my first-floor window.

It's the renovators. They're here. They've shut off the water*.

And it's 7:30.

I am typing this at almost 11AM.

I am unwashed. I have been unwashed for well over 24 hours. My "bed-head" hair is sticking out at funny angles.

This calls for a poem.

the man with festering balls
he knows no fear
the man with booger-filled eyes
he wants no beer
the man who stinks of himself
he stands alone
the man who wipes not his ass
... he stands REALLY alone because no one'll go near his stanky self.

*I'm having an "Aliens" moment: "Whadaya mean, they shut off the water? How could they shut off the water, man? They're animals!"


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