Monday, April 11, 2005


(Skinship is a Konglish term for skin-to-skin contact in a relationship. It has nothing-- or at least nothing obvious-- to do with the following post... unless you think I'm a man who "loves" his food in a special way.)

While stuffing my face with Mexican food on Saturday, I mentioned to the KimcheeGI that I'd like to learn how to make mandu skins. You might know mandu as "oriental dumplings," "Chinese dumplings," "potstickers," or gyoza, the Japanese term for mandu. (See pictures here and here and here.)

[If the above links aren't working for you, please email me. At least one link uses Hangeul in its URL, which might be a problem if you're in the States and your computer is Hangeul-illiterate.]

Charlie also voiced some curiosity about the mandu skin recipe, and said he went to a Korean function in Texas where he thought he'd have the chance to learn the secret of skin-making. But instead of breaking out the ingredients for mandu skins and making those skins on the spot, the ladies broke out...

...cans of Pillsbury biscuit dough, which they shaped into mandu skins.

After hearing this revelation, I just sat there fatly in my seat at Dragon Hill Lodge, stuffed and dumbfounded, unable to process what I'd just heard.

Only in Texas would they tolerate such sacrilege, right?

(More mandu pics here and here and here.)


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