Tuesday, April 12, 2005

interesting discovery

I've been finishing off the massive amount of seafood white sauce I'd made late last week. I whip up some home-made pasta, cook it, reheat a large ladleful of the sauce, then throw that together with some parmesan cheese. Quite tasty.

Last night, the monkey curiosity took hold of me again and I grabbed ten chunky strands of cooked pasta... and deep-fried them.

As I suspected: if you let cooked pasta deep-fry long enough, you get something remarkably like pan-fried noodles from an American-style Chinese restaurant. Quite good. My "Italian" variation: fry the noodles, drain thoroughly... then add parmesan cheese while the noodles are still hot.

The noodles are fairly neutral in taste, so you could top them with anything. If I had some honey, I'd try this again, but with a honey drizzle instead of parmesan.

Next, I have to see how much difference there is between deep-frying cooked noodles and deep-frying freshly-made, uncooked noodles.


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