Saturday, April 02, 2005

coming soon (unnnhhh)

I'm going to hit the 100,000 milestone sometime around the end of Sunday or early Monday, Korean time. The best reader suggestions for a celebration seem to be

1. A modest photoblog of a typical Namsan hike.
2. A bit of foodblogging.

So far, no one's suggested any posts to link to, so I'll drop the link buffet. Hell, you've already got my "sacred and profane" section on the sidebar.

I'm having trouble deciding what to foodblog. Am leaning toward a "camp-style" apple pie-- the kind requiring no oven. The crust will have to be deep-fried, methinks, perhaps along the lines of cannoli shells. I don't have any cannoli molds, though, so I might have to try something ingenious. We'll see. I'm scheduling the milestone blog for Monday.


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