Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Osaka again

An email from my mortal enemy Justin Yoshida confirmed that relevant train service from KIX (Osaka-Kansai International Airport) to Namba Station won't be interrupted, despite Monday's horrifying train accident. I should be able to do my visa run tomorrow without incident.

Let's keep those tentacles crossed and hope for more good weather tomorrow. It's been an amazing run of beautiful spring days thus far, and I could do with an incident-free flight through clear, untroubled skies.

Will be back Wednesday evening, probably around 11PM, Seoul time. Thursday promises to be a hellish day: I'll be teaching six classes-- three morning/afternoon classes, plus three makeup classes. Not gonna be pretty. Am finishing up lesson plans for those classes tonight.

Since I'll be gone all day Wednesday, this will be a great time for stalkers to come out of hiding and smear their feces on my door. I want cryptic, half-literate feces-messages, people-- something on the order of that Konglish sentence I blogged about long ago:

"My castrate are causal line the 2 and Word."

Hard to beat, but that's your homework. Now get butt-crackin'.


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