Friday, April 29, 2005

Smoonooz: another no-show

My third class of the day neglected to show up again. So far, I've seen only one student from that class: she showed up last night for the makeup session I'd scheduled, so I have evidence that the class does, in fact, exist. Because she was the only student, I didn't even bother with the lesson, preferring to spend the time engaged in "free-talking," which is a euphemism for "lazy teaching strategy" since the only pedagogical requirement is the ability to sustain a conversation with someone of lower English ability for an hour. Not even yours truly is introverted enough to fuck that up.

The first two classes were a trip, though. Students seemed happy; the first class was a barrel of laughs, and the second class, which is less energetic than the first, gave off a warm (if not exactly bumpin') vibe. I've decided to appreciate this slow start to my year at Smoo. It gives me a chance to soak in the campus ambience, learn a bit about the neighborhood, and generally settle in to a new pace of life.

And now I'm off to Namsan, having missed yesterday due to makeup courses and lack of sleep. Fantastic day for a short hike.


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