Thursday, April 28, 2005

postal scrotum

Porn star Lance Manyon writes:

re: link

Timing is everything, and timing is something over which no one can confidently and consistently claim mastery. Those that show better luck in this regard are perhaps more optimistic about their accounting (e.g.) counting total 'hits' could be more compelling than 'batting average', if that kind of thing is important to you. Then again even purists sometimes feel like chucking the fundamentals when overcome by the desire and thrill of ripping for the fences. Silly analogy, I know, but the point is somewhere there I think.

I guess we all get a little down on ourselves when we're in a batting slump and our wank-banks are dry; doesn't help that everyone else seems to have an opinion/solution that may be more than a little condescending or patronizing, including yours truly.

Then again I'm still thinking about the clause, "...his wife ran away with another woman." Mmmmmmmmm hhhhnnnhnhnnnnhn, oh yeah baby!

Yes I have a tendency to miss the point.


Lance Manyon


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