Thursday, April 21, 2005


It is accomplished.

My floor is clean.

My kitchen is clean.

All horizontal surfaces are clean.

My bathroom has a door problem (doesn't close), but it's going to be taken care of.

I visited the rental office and persuaded the nice lady not to charge me rent until my large payment in June.

I've got internet.

It doesn't get much better than this.

All I have to worry about now:

1. Plane ticket to Osaka; flight will be sometime next week.

2. Lesson plans. Tons of lesson plans. And I need to visit my classrooms, get a few keys, and learn how to work some of the audiovisual equipment.

3. Getting back into the Namsan routine. I've missed the mountain for four days because of moving prep and other matters, and I'm getting antsy. I must say, though, that the conditioning paid off when I moved: instead of being a mass of aching flab and muscle, I felt not a twinge after hauling boxes. Woke up the next day feeling just fine.

Asshole update: the multiple shits I took this morning were all pretty damn painful. Imagine you're giving birth to a demon-baby with well-developed claws, and it's struggling and scrabbling to stay inside the womb while you're pushing as hard as you can.

Cutie update: no reply from my source. Marital status unknown. I'll have to sit in the teacher's room a while and strike up a conversation with the lady.

Now go visit Rory's fine blog and marvel at a rather normal-looking dish.


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