Friday, April 22, 2005

Smoo cutie and other things

I was in the Smoo teachers' office today. The cute Korean teacher was there as well, and she wanted me to join her Korean class, but alas, she teaches in the morning and so do I. She also teaches advanced students, and I don't think my Korean's anywhere near up to snuff. I told her I'd gotten bad grades in listening and reading; she gave me a sort of "Oh, my!" expression of shock and disappointment. Heh. Shocking and disappointing women seems to be a talent of mine, but I suppose that's better than eliciting either terror or spiteful laughter.

No intel from my source about her marital/significant other status. Looks like I'll have to explore this prospect on my own.

I will say this: she looked mighty fine in black slacks and a black, body-hugging turtleneck sweater. I suspect she's got a lot of male admirers.

Got into a strange discussion with a different coworker today regarding the phrase "Korean teacher." The phrase is vague: it could mean "a teacher who is Korean" or "a teacher [of any race/nationality] who teaches Korean." The coworker suggested "Korean language teacher" as a way of quelling the ambiguity. Problem is, we don't go around saying "He's an English language teacher"-- we usually keep it simple: "He's an English teacher." No one understands this to mean "He's a teacher from England." Strange.

I hit Osaka next Wednesday. Might be able to hook up that day with the infamous Justin Yoshida, who'll be off to Bangkok. His flight out is around the same time as my evening flight back to Inch'eon.

Here's what Justin wrote me regarding an earlier post:

Per a recent post of yours:

"My bathroom has a door problem (doesn't close), but it's going to be taken care of."

You use the bathroom door even though you live alone? If so, OK, you are just gross for wanting to seal yourself into a hermetically sealed "birthing" chamber. If not, I would think it to be to your (ahem!) advantage to leave it broken... Who knows when a random beautiful girl will want to use the toilet and force you to battle your conscience in a delightful game of, "Should I take a peek/listen to tinkles or not?"

It's remarks like this that perpetuate the ongoing tension between Koreans and Japanese, you see. I doubt Justin feels any need to apologize for his imputation that I like listening to women piss. Thus the enmity between our peoples continues.


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