Sunday, April 24, 2005

my digs

Here's a photo tour of my new home. About as interesting as watching me pluck my pubes, but at least you won't have to fantasize about what's in my residence-- i.e., whether I now have a heart-shaped vibrating bed, etc.

We'll start outside, with this badly composited photo of Smoo's International House 2.


Next, a closeup of the sign that'll allow all you stalkers to find me:

Smoo 2:  The Revenge of the Labia

With that big Roman numeral 2, I feel like I'm living in a sequel. Next up-- a look downhill.


In the following photo, you see the stairs up to my place.


One thing I like about my new place: it's nondescript. Another thing I like: mine is the only residence on my side of the stairwell. The other four dorm rooms on this floor are all next to each other. I'm the only one who can have loud, screeching, splattery sex without waking everyone up.

Image hosted by

A closeup of my room number:

ee-baek-il ho

They haven't stuck a name in my nameplate yet.

In the next pic, you get your first peek inside:


We then turn around, look down, and see shoes.

kudu, shimbal, deung

Right next to the front area is the bathroom.

les chiottes

Here's my dining area. I've got a real table now:

salle à manger

My new computer area has a bookshelf, which makes life easier for me.

desk of doom

We turn around and get a look at the kitchen, from which I'll be foodblogging:


Another bookshelf, and my clothes:

let 'em hang

The view out of the window above my bed:

Image hosted by

Maybe I will have to be careful about sex noises because, when you look out, you see this:

il y a du monde au balcon, hein?

And this:

is this what Samuel Beckett saw out his window in Paris?

The following is the view out my front door and through the window to the outside world:

when do we escape?

So there we are. My new digs. They're over twice as big as my old digs back when I was with EC. And the building's got a huge storage area in the basement, so I was able to unload most of my unnecessary crap down there.


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