Friday, April 08, 2005

moving closer to the edge

I may have to do what everyone else is doing and move off Blogger soon. If anyone knows of a blogging service (paid or free) that will allow me to keep essentially the same minimalist template I've got, please let me know. I'm not ready to make the jump yet, but I was annoyed when Blogger ate a religion post of mine much earlier today. So I'm scouting around.

Speaking of religion posts, there are three in the works:

1. A post on Rastafarianism (with thanks to Gumbi for the email). I wrote this post earlier today, but it was slain. So it's still in the works.

2. A post on the Sermon on the Mount (with thanks to the Maven, whose father you should keep in your thoughts).

3. A comparative post examining the 108 Defilements in Buddhism and the Catholic schematization of venial (not venal) and mortal sins (with thanks to my ex-coworker Matt for the inspiration).

Coming soon (she moaned).


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