Sunday, April 10, 2005

my Sunday: the rest of the day of rest

Sunday began late. I gambled that Adjoshi and crew wouldn't show up today, and I was right, so I slept until 11. I'd done my laundry last night (or, technically, this morning); that took until about 3AM, what with two loads of clothes going into a small and broken washing machine (it has no spin cycle; I have to hand-wring everything).

There's so much shit in the courtyard now, thanks to the renovators (does the British term "tosser" apply here?), that I decided to jury-rig a rack from which to hang my wet clothes. It was a gorgeous day, a total change from yesterday, so I'm sure to come home to nearly-dry vestments. I've taken pictures of the courtyard and will photoblog the thing in a day or so.

Went and saw "Hitch" with a buddy of mine. Some of the dialogue hit a little too close to home, but the movie was thoroughly enjoyable, even if the "I love you" after three dates was quintessential Hollywood bullshit. A date movie, to be sure. (I shoulda been out with a girl, dammit.) Hats off to Will Smith and Company for good comic performances all around. Perhaps the biggest relief was seeing that the movie mentions race not at all, but shows plenty of interracial relationships. Being the product of such a union myself, I was happy to see a movie with such a relaxed attitude about that. I get sick of some people's Hitler-eugenics mindset when it comes to interracial dating.

Got a new phone battery-- for free. My previous one had developed cracks and was no longer staying put in its mounting. As a result, the phone was switching off at random moments whenever the contacts floated apart. Free is hard to beat.

Hiked up Namsan around 7:30PM. Brisk hike. Great evening weather. But it's tourist season, now: as I blogged earlier, tourists are fair-weather friends, out in droves when it's nice outside. Yesterday's hike up Namsan wasn't quite as pleasant: wind and rain kept it interesting, but it also kept the crowds away, which was fine by me.

Now I'm off to hit the sack. Then I'm off to bed. Gonna have to wake up at goddamn 6AM to beat Adjoshi and his crew, and make sure I can take a freakin' shower. Then I have to stay out of the house until 7PM or so. Fuckin' lovely.


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