Thursday, April 14, 2005

while you still can

If you're in Seoul and have some time, head over to the Korea University subway station, the mid-level area (one level above the rails, one level below the ticket gates), where there's a magnificent display of calligraphy and brush art by a very friendly, nondescript-looking older gentleman. His calligraphy is in Chinese and Korean, and it's obvious he's a master of several different styles. Of the many subway station calligraphy displays I've seen, this one is far and away the best. I asked the gentleman how long he planned on being there; he said his display was up until the end of the week, which might mean Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, depending on how he's reckoning "the end of the week."

If you're into calligraphy, or into art in general, this is a must-see. Get on Line 6 and head for Koryo-dae Station.


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