Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Smoonooz, quick version

I moved out today, which is why I didn't blog much. Bye, Adjoshi. I'm now safely ensconced in my new, lovely digs-- and they are lovely, lemme tell you. The building has a huge storage area in its basement, so all my suitcases and extra boxes can go hibernate down there for the duration (or until I need to take a trip somewhere). I've got enough floor space to slow-dance with a lovely lady, and a kitchen that has enough counter space for squirrel vivisection, potion-stirring, pube-topiary-making, and other kitcheny processes. The bathroom is fine, except for the strangely mounted medicine cabinet door; the hinges should ideally be on the opposite side. I've got a bit more cleaning, scrubbing, and dusting to do, but that's no biggie.

This post is coming to you from a PC-bahng, alas. I didn't have a chance to get hooked up to the building's LAN today, but will do so first thing tomorrow.


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