Sunday, April 03, 2005

sometime in the next few minutes...

...we'll hit the 100K mark.

I'm about to do Namsan. Will be taking pics. Later this evening, I'll snap pics of food. Might be apple pie, might be more spaghetti and white sauce, might be something else entirely. You'll see the celebratory blogging tomorrow. Meanwhile, go enjoy your Sunday. For most poor slobs in Korea, Sunday's their only truly free day. Make the most of it. As Robin Williams said, "Carpe per diem."

Great news this morning: my Adjoshi relented and is letting me stay at my current digs until I move out. I'm saving W200,000-400,000. I'm sure he'll be happy to have me out of his hair; I know I'll be happy to be gone. Living under the bloodshot, paranoid eye of control-freak relatives is just not my style.

OK... off to the mountain.


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