Tuesday, April 19, 2005

et non pas le pari de Pascal

The AtDelphi people are betting on me again, and this time they've phrased the question more precisely. I did notice another possible problem, though: I'm based in Seoul, and my posts reflect Seoul time. We're 13 hours ahead of Washington, DC here. How is Zeus reckoning time when he says "tomorrow"?

Sorry, man. I like your betting site (even if you did kick off my "fetuseater" screen name-- I can no longer log in), but these little problems tickle me because I keep imagining the bettors trying to wangle more money out of you, finding every idiotic loophole they can to raise their scores. It's a bit like when I was a high school French teacher in the early 90s, and grade-grubbing students would come up to me with perceived "inconsistencies" in my grading in an attempt to cadge an extra percentage point or two. Sorta lame, those grubbers.

Anyway, I hope your site is making you scads of cash. I'm guessing you're a devotee of The 48 Laws of Power.


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