Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a man, a woman, a dog, a doughnut

My brother David and his wife Patricia own a mixed-breed pup named Penny. Penny's been growing rapidly since they got her a couple months ago; she was recently spayed, which meant surgery on her nether regions. Dogs have a natural tendency to jam their faces in their nether regions, and I can imagine that a post-surgical Penny must be dying to gnaw at her stitches. What's the safe way to prevent that from happening? Why, the inflatable surgical doughnut, of course! Here are two pics of Patricia and David with Penny and her doughnut:

Digression: someone needs to explain to me this white-chick tendency to wear Jackie O. sunglasses when going out. Call me a crotchety old fart, but I think sunglasses make a woman look haughty and inaccessible, and lots of cute young ladies like wearing those Jackie O's. (Based on what I've seen in Seoul, it may not be just white chicks who are stuck in the Sixties.) Obviously, in Patricia's case, she is inaccessible because she's married, but what excuse do single muchachas gringas give for their conformist sense of style?

Oh, to see a white girl wearing Ray-Bans or aviators...

In other Penny-related news: David sent me a jittery, but hilarious, video from his "Pennycam"—a fixed and mounted CCTV camera in his house's laundry room, which is there to live-stream Penny's activity in the basement. The Pennycam records sound as well, and the clip David sent me shows Penny taking an impressive dump on the tiled basement floor. But the kicker is this: a massive, howling fart that Penny lets out before she dumps. At first, I was sure the sound had come out of Penny's throat: it was somewhere between a whine and a groan. But, no: David assures me it's the fart that presaged the fecal outflow. That was biblical.


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