Sunday, May 19, 2013

final prep

My checklist:

dishes & utensils put away?
final garbage run?
shower rod & curtain back in place?*
kitchen gas line turned off? sink & drain washed?
electric fan in utility closet (w/orange plastic bag)?
hot water heater OFF?
all lights off?
laundry rack back in living room by sliding door?
blankets & pillowcases given a final washing?
floor given a final once-over?
bathroom (toilet, sink, floor) cleaned?
last laundry done?
note written (+cash)?
Grandma texted?

*Yeah, that one's kind of embarrassing. The bathtub's shower curtain, which is very long, kept billowing when I showered, and it would sometimes billow so fiercely that the curtain would smack my body and stick to it. This was obnoxious and uncomfortable; my shower curtain at home doesn't behave that way, perhaps because it's made of heavier material.

At one point, the curtain got underfoot and, in stepping downward, I accidentally tugged the entire curtain and rod off with a clang. Happily, this improved my showering experience immediately, even though it meant the bathroom floor would be soaked. (I began using an electric fan to quick-dry the floor, just as I used to do in my old place at Sookmyung University.) Anyway, for this entire month, I've kept the shower curtain and rod off, so now the time has come to put them back in place.



John said...

Ha, I hate that damn curtain. I've knocked it down more than once myself. First thing I did when I bought my house stateside was have the tub/shower ripped and an enlarged walk-in shower installed. Second thing was having my bidet installed!

Sounds like you are leaving the place much cleaner than you likely found it!

Have a good trip!

Kevin Kim said...

Oh, the place was plenty clean when I got here, but after a month of using it, I think the apartment deserves a proper tidying-up before I go.

Thanks for the well-wishes.