Monday, May 06, 2013

no posting for a bit (prepping for trip!)

I'm about to take my trip-within-a-trip out to Yeosu, a city on the south coast of Korea that lies almost exactly between Busan to the extreme southeast and Gwangju to the extreme southwest. I'll be spending the next little while packing and pondering over what I may be missing; the trip is only for one night, so I'm keeping the packing fairly minimalist. Since I anticipate hitting a yeogwan (inn) almost as soon as I arrive, I'm assuming the yeogwan will have all the creature comforts I'll be needing: towels for the shower, and a iron and ironing board for when I go to the interview the following morning.

I'd like to say that I'll be spending all my time at the beach, but YB-related remote work is calling my name, so I'll likely to be doing that either in the yeogwan, if it has an internet connection, or in a Wi-Fi-capable coffee shop, assuming Yeosu isn't too far behind Seoul, technologically speaking. (Yeosu was the site for a global technological expo last year, so I'm not too worried. Yeosu's main train station has even been renamed Yeosu Expo Station.)

So... radio silence for a bit. I'll blog either when I'm aboard the train or when I'm established in Yeosu. Tschüß.



pitchfest said...

You might be on the train already, but my last yeogwan didn't provide towels. They had irony stuff though. And some places might not let you stay for a single night. A love motel is a good option (probably $40 - $60 down there)

Kevin Kim said...

You've led a hard life, Lee. In all my years of yeogwaning, I've never encountered a towel-less yeogwan. But you're right: it pays to be cautious. I'll bring a small towel. Either that, or I can run to a local store in Yeosu and buy one for a couple bucks.

(It's about 11:30AM; I'm not leaving the apartment until noon, so you caught me in time!)