Wednesday, May 22, 2013

what did going off-diet while in Korea do to me?

While I was in Korea, I elected to forsake my low/no-carb diet. Fuck it, I reasoned. I'm in a foreign country. What happens in Korea stays in Korea.

Turns out I wasn't far wrong: despite thirty days of dietary sinning, I came back and weighed 291.3 pounds—a wee bit more than a 0.3-pound gain (down from 301 pounds). I attribute this to the fact that my body responds more quickly to exercise than it does to dieting, and while I was in Korea, I had to reacclimate myself to all the walking that Seoulites do: up and down long, long subway station steps, across several football fields' worth of horizontal distance in subway transfer stations, and up building staircases when those buildings have no elevators.

So, weight-wise at least, a month of being off-diet did nothing to me, mainly because I compensated by being forced to exercise. I suppose I need to get back on the diet again. Sadness. On the bright side, there's chicken-and-shrimp curry and budae-jjigae to look forward to.


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John said...

Yeah, I wondered about how you might manage to stay on diet in Korea. I'm already anticipating the difficulties I'll face when I return. Passing on the rice isn't hard for me, and really I can eat galbi and samgyapsal just about all the time. It's those hunger pangs in between those meals I expect I'll find difficult to fulfill. But yeah, staircases and walking the mean streets might do the trick!