Friday, May 10, 2013

putting strife in perspective

Despite the stress I'm feeling as my time to leave Korea nears, I know that things could be worse.

I could, for example, be a Bangladeshi woman pulled alive from the rubble of a horrifying building collapse that occurred 17 days ago. I can't even begin to imagine 17 days trapped inside rubble. She apparently was mobile, and had access to food and drink almost the entire time as rescuers dug toward her, but supplies ran out two days before her extraction, and the trauma of being trapped for over two weeks must have been nearly unbearable.

Or I could be a 63-year-old female jogger mauled to death by four pit bulls. I can't imagine the fright this poor lady must have felt as she was being torn apart.

So, yeah... my problems are nothing compared to others'. On the radar of human pain, I am but the tiniest blip.


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