Monday, May 06, 2013

l'homme du train

Yes, I'm blogging on the train. It's a nice ride, the KTX is, and Wi-Fi service doesn't require any special log-in. We're whizzing along the rails at about 290 km/h.

Special thanks to constant commenter John from Daejeon, who alerted me to a sweet offer from HUFS, where my buddy Charles teaches. The job ad only just appeared on the Dave's ESL Cafe site; it's for an E-1 (professor, not merely instructor) position, and would be for 12 hours a week, 36-50 million won/year, five months per year of vacation (holy crap!), and all the usual benefits and caveats. Rock-star treatment.

So yeah, I'll be going for it. Eyes on the prize. I expect there to be a ton of competition. Gonna have to shine up my tap-dancing shoes for this one.



Charles said...

That would be an interesting turn of events, indeed. Good luck!

John from Daejeon said...

That "generous research incentives" clause is what really peaked my interest.

Kevin Kim said...


I may rely on you to put in an extra good word for me—work that bak-sa magic.

Charles said...

If my word carries any weight at all, I will definitely put it in. I suppose it depends on what school/department you are applying for, though.

I'll say more about the generous research incentives later... but not in a public comment. Maybe Saturday.