Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a reply from HUFS

I received an email in Korean from the HUFS office* that I had spoken with yesterday. I'm not sure I've completely understood what it says, but it seems to be saying that my request for an interview was relayed to the program director, and that the director wants a formal request to come in a "separate" email. Not quite sure what was being asked for, I replied that I had already sent HUFS my application packet, which contained a request for an interview, a week ago, on May 8. In that same email, I nonetheless promised to write the director directly again.

So that's what I've done. We'll see what comes of this. Will a quickly arranged Saturday interview be possible? Thursday is spoken for: I'm training down to Daegu to interview at Daegu Haany University; that's going to be an all-day affair. Friday is likewise spoken for: it's a national holiday. But Saturday, my "trip prep" day, is largely open. I could interview with HUFS on that day. And to be frank, I think it'd be nice to leave the peninsula with more than a mere two live interviews under my belt.

*Remember that lady whose name and title I had unwisely failed to note? She gave that info to me in her email. Problem solved.


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