Monday, May 06, 2013

Sperwer in his own words

My friend Sperwer has responded to my question about what he actually won:


To paraphrase Proximo, I didn't win because I was the best - I was the best conditioned of the Senior Masters group, but my posing was lacking - but because I won the crowd. That, plus my conditioning, I was told afterwards by the judges, moved them to make a Solomon-like move in defiance of their own parent organization, and treat me as the sole entrant in a Senior Masters Division, Foreign section, that they created on the spot, and award me the medal they said they otherwise would have given me in the regular division. They strongly encouraged me to come back next year when they hoped they would be able to have had the rule changed, which they said they were motivated to make efforts to do because of my performance.

As I recall, Sperwer did get the loudest applause from the crowd. It would have been a real shame if the only thing he'd received was a "Thanks for trying" sticker.

Congratulations, Sperwer!