Wednesday, May 08, 2013

saereoun gihwae (new opportunity)

Soongsil (pronounce it "soong-shil") University is offering a teaching job at 12-15 hours per week, a salary of W37.2 million per year for the 15-hour load, and 16 weeks' vacation plus the usual raft of benefits. Alas, they're saying that applicants need to be available for an interview and teaching demo on May 25th. I'm going to apply, and I'll push for an earlier interview date. I might get roundly ignored, but we'll see.

Oh, yeah: Soongsil is looking for Christian applicants. Last I checked, I was at least nominally Christian, so I suppose I'll keep it secret that I'm actually a nontheist Presbyterian with Buddhist, philosophical Taoist, and scientific-skeptic metaphysical sympathies.


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