Friday, May 17, 2013

changement de plan

Tom, Charles, and I had originally planned to meet at Braai Republic, a South African barbecue joint that Charles had written about a while back. Tom has pussied out, however: he's got a sudden business dinner to go to, and since money is far more important to Tom than friendship, we'll let the bastard get on with it. So tonight, it'll just be Charles, Hyunjin, and me—at Copacabana, a Brazilian rodizio (motherfuckin' meat on motherfuckin' swords!) located in a restaurant-filled back alley of Itaewon.

My agenda today, now that my trip is winding down, is rather simple: finish up some material for YB, shop for some trinkets to bring home to friends and family, go out and eat with friends here. Simple. I haven't heard a thing from HUFS-Yongin, so I assume there'll be no Saturday interview. Saturday will thus be devoted to (1) visiting Sperwer's palatial estate and retrieving a small suitcase, and (2) trip prep.

I'm sending off one final application packet today, to Gacheon University. That'll make twelve applications. The Bank of Korea, always slow on the uptake, belatedly realized that I was in Korea after Tom told them I was here, then failed to get back to me until yesterday, when they belatedly realized that they'd be too late to interview me. So no proofing/editing job for Kevin. Not that I care; BOK has been awful this entire time. I sent them an email in which I said Too little, too late. Yes, I said exactly that. But cheerfully.

And that, folks, is how we wind down a trip to Korea. Was it good? Was it productive? We'll know more in June, when I find out whether other universities will "pull a Sungkyunkwan" and simply—rudely—ignore my applications.


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