Wednesday, May 29, 2013

shitty day, interesting climax

Wednesdays are my shitty days, and this hasn't changed despite a six-week absence from YB. This past Wednesday, I didn't have to deal with two of my bad students (goofy Sam and Devil-child Iblis), but Maximus was worse than ever, talking non-stop and basically being a royal, retarded pain in the ass. In some ways, that kid is worse than Iblis, mainly because Maximus has not an ounce of humility and is obviously living in his own little fantasy world where he reigns supreme. The sad reality, though, is that this little fool is probably going to end up repeating the fourth grade because he's too fucking dumb to understand that, by not taking his studies seriously, he's ruining his own future. Well, good fucking luck, I say. I've reached the point where I've stopped caring. Dumb as he is, and as unwilling to shoulder responsibility as he is, Maximus is going to grow up a failure, blaming everyone around him for his lot in life. His pride won't allow him to look in the mirror and see the real cause of his debasement. Hubris isn't a problem that afflicted only ancient Greeks; some modern folks possess whole storehouses of it.

There's no guarantee that this Wednesday—today—will be a Maximus-only day, so I'm steeling myself for the triple whammy of Sam, Maximus, and Iblis. Once I get through my six-hour hell, though, I'll drive home and, at 2AM, will interview via Skype with the Catholic University of Daegu. 2AM in Virginia is 3PM in Daegu; the interview will last around a half-hour, I'm sure, and then it'll be up to the hiring gods as to whether CUD accepts me.

I'm at my brother Sean's house tonight, blogging on my laptop from Sean's kitchen. It feels great to bring only the laptop instead of having to lug my huge Mac desktop around. I'm here only for one night, but that's enough to earn a bit of gas money.

Fingers crossed. May I survive Wednesday with sanity intact, and may I rock the interview.



Charles said...

Rock it like a hurricane, my friend.

John said...

Knock 'em dead tonight...