Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm safely back in Appalachia as of a few minutes ago. It was a nine-hour, forty-minute flight from Seoul to Seattle, then a desperate sprint to catch the flight to DC, then a one-hour ride to Fredericksburg to pick up my keys and car, followed by a 1.5-hour drive to my apartment. Obviously, I'm tired as hell, not to mention reverse-jet-lagged, so I'll save the details for a post tomorrow. One snag: my backpack, the only piece of check-in luggage that I gave the airlines, got misrouted to Atlanta. It's coming to National Airport on the first flight out tomorrow morning; I've been told to call a certain number at the airport before I drive back there to pick the bag up. A pain in the ass, but I'm not too stressed: I packed all my important things in the carry-on, so I've got a toothbrush, etc., to help make me look and smell civilized in the morning.


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Dustyr55 said...

Welcome home, Kevin. I hope your trip has positive results.