Friday, May 31, 2013

status update

Now that I've gotten an "interview" request from Gachon University, how am I doing?

1. Seoul National University, English instructor (just rejected without interview)

2. Seoul National University, editor/proofer/researcher (fell through: app deadline March 3)

3. Chonnam National University, English instructor (interviewed; rejected)

4. Hanyang University, English instructor (rejected without interview)

5. Hansung University, English instructor (no news)

6. HUFS in Yongin, English professor (no news)

7. Catholic University of Daegu, English instructor (scheduled to interview)

8. Daegu University, English instructor (no news)

9. Bank of Korea, proofer/editor (rejected; no news on possible reversal)

10. Daegu Haany University (interviewed; made favorable impression; no new update)

11. Sungkyunkwan University (no news... typical)

12. Gachon University (requested a 10-minute video "interview" from me, due June 4)

I'm actually surprised that Gachon wrote me with an interview request. My email to them was rather pushy. In Korean, I had written, "Skype interview appointments are easy to make, so there's no reason not to be able to do them." ("스카입" 인터뷰 야속 쉽게 할 수 있으니 못하는 이유는 없습니다.) While that's a statement of fact, there's no denying that I wrote that sentence with the purpose of twisting arms. It seems the hard sell worked, though.


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