Tuesday, May 14, 2013

the Buddha constricts me

This coming Friday, May 17, is what Indians call Vesak, i.e., the Buddha's birthday.* Because it's a religiously plural country, Korea venerates both Jesus and the Buddha. This veneration is codified in the form of national holidays: Christmas and Vesak. So this Friday, I can't expect to hit any campuses to harass the faculty or cadge an interview. Everything has to happen by Thursday afternoon. On Friday, I suppose I'll just go to Chongno, drink in the festivities, and buy some little trinkets to bring back for family, friends, and coworkers.

*This goes by a couple different names in Korea: (1) Seokga-tanshin-il (석가 탄신일, 釋迦誕身日, Shakyamuni's birthday), (2) Bucheonim(ae) Oshin-nal (The Day of the Buddha's Coming).


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daeguowl said...

And a third name: Buddhamas