Monday, May 27, 2013

status update

The possibilities narrow. I applied to twelve different places; how am I doing?

1. Seoul National University, English instructor (just rejected without interview)

2. Seoul National University, editor/proofer/researcher (fell through: app deadline March 3)

3. Chonnam National University, English instructor (interviewed; rejected)

4. Hanyang University, English instructor (rejected without interview)

5. Hansung University, English instructor (no news)

6. HUFS in Yongin, English professor (no news)

7. Catholic University of Daegu, English instructor (scheduled to interview)

8. Daegu University, English instructor (no news)

9. Bank of Korea, proofer/editor (rejected; no news on possible reversal)

10. Daegu Haany University (interviewed; made favorable impression; no new update)

11. Sungkyunkwan University (no news... typical)

12. Gachon University (no news)

So out of the twelve places to which I've applied, I won't be hired by five. That leaves seven possibilities, only two of which have taken me—or will take me—to the interview stage. As for the other five, from which I've heard no news... at least two or three will likely "pull a Sungkyunkwan" and not bother to contact me at all. Unfortunate, but likely.


1 comment:

Charles said...

I've got my fingers crossed for Haany, mainly because it will give me a friend in a sillier-sounding university than the one where I work (HUFS!, which HJ always pronounces as if she is saying "oops").

Good luck on CUD, too, though.