Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ave, Sperwer!

I said my goodbyes to Sperwer, the muscleman himself, today, stopping by his mountain fastness to pick up a carry-on suitcase that I predict I'll need after I'm done trinket-shopping later this afternoon. The bus ride over to Sperwer's had been an adventure: I thought I could take the 110B all the way to Pyeongchang-dong, but the 110B stopped and let everyone off about halfway there, at Bukhan Mountain Trailhead, which was apparently 110B's terminus. Another 110B, picking up where the first one let off, took me where I needed to go.

It was good to hang with Sperwer for a brief while. I almost never refer to him as "my buddy Sperwer" because that would imply equality: the man is fully twenty years my senior, so he's practically a father figure. He's done an amazing thing, too, whittling down his body to nothing but muscle. I can tell he wants me to get into bodybuilding as well; I told him, in parting, that I had no intention of showing off my booty in a bikini bottom. He said that bodybuilding is less about the competition and more about what you want to get out of it. I'll miss Sperwer's insights, his pearls of phronesis (practical wisdom). He wished me good luck with my job search, told me it'd be good to have me on the peninsula again, then tore off in his sleek, black Deathmobile to go pick up his daughter.

Larger than life, that man is.


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Sperwer said...

Hey, Hubei ;), it was great to see you. Of course, I wouldn't object if you were to get into BB or even just strength training, which at this stage probably is a more realistic starting place, even if you do harbor a secret desire to get on your posing thong. But I think, and I don't think I'm saying anything you don't already know and want, the important thing for you to do is to get into some combination of dietary and exercise regime that works for you. You've been through a rough patch the past several years and have a lot on your plate, but take my experientially-based word for it, some such discipline will work wonders not only for your physical health but for your mental and spiritual
clarity and balance. Don't put it off, either; it only gets harder and the accumulated deterioration just builds up geometrically, then requires more (and expensive) remedial work, e.g., my current kinesthesiology (pilates and myofascial massage), chiropractic and accuouncture regimen. Best of luck with the job search and especially for getting in the (a) groove.